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Graham, John and Hal wanted to build a classic brand that would give them the opportunity to help people. 46 is an apparel company that designs, manufactures and markets its own line of clothing to raise money and awareness for causes that impact our global community. By selling a high quality version of a most basic necessity—clothing—46NYC provides a fashionable way to be involved with causes that matter.

In today’s global society, we face a laundry list of challenges: abuse, poverty, disease, birth defects, educational disparities and unsafe drinking water. We believe that together we can unite 4 these 6 areas of need. Our aim is to take a basic necessity, like clothing, and use it to show friends, family members and people around the world that their needs have not been forgotten.

46NYC is dedicated to fighting disease, abuse, poverty, birth defects, malnutrition, inadequate education, and now, breast cancer.




Our Friends

Co-founder Graham Bunn traveled with Wine to Water to a village in Cambodia to install the first 46NYC sponsored clean water well.


46 Founders

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    Graham Bunn

    Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Graham's charisma and genuine nature are the result of a strong family background and his true southern upbringing. Graham now resides in New York City, where he concentrates on humanitarian outreach, events and marketing.

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    Hal Kivette

    A native of Western North Carolina, Hal lives in New York City. He spends most of his time directing operations and new product development.

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    John McGinn

    John was raised in Greenville, Texas, but has spent most of his life in the western Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Now married with three children, John lives in Charleston, South Carolina. He is our creative director and interactive specialist.